Shortlog - a log of everyday things



Today was a much less active day than yesterday. I spent a good deal of the day indoors, reading Daemon by Daniel Suarez. Since Suarez is an IT consultant, his hacking and systems information is spot on, which made the book a very enjoyable read. He mentions and demonstrates such things as NetStumbler, SQL injection, and all sorts of identity theft.

This evening, I introduced Sarah's family to the card game Set. Like everyone I've ever shown the game to, they were slightly confused at first as to what constituted a valid set, but unlike most groups, once they figured it out, they didn't brush it off as too difficult or not fun. No, they got competitive. By the end of the evening, I was pulling out all stops and had to really focus to keep ahead of my new competition. I was particularly impressed by Sam Luna - he kept me on my toes. As a whole, the evening was wonderfully fun, and by the end, I was mentally exhausted. It's a delightful feeling.