Shortlog - a log of everyday things



I awoke at 7 this morning when Sam gave Sarah a wet willy. The three of us ran up and down the beach, then did an abdominal workout. I had a tasty bagel with lox and an egg burrito for breakfast, then finished reading Watchmen. I also worked a decent bit on a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Later, I did battle with a family-size can of baked beans. When the hand-operated can opener proved that it was noy up to the task, I brought out my trusty leatherman (Nicole, that thing has come in handy so man times. Heart!) and proceeded to stab the lid around the edge until enough of it was movable to empty the can. This happened in an awesome splash of baked bean juice that wound up on my arms, shirt, face, and all over the counter. The beans were fine, and I declared it a victory.

Hopefully I'll get to kayak later tonight.

UPDATE: Sarah and I went kayaking. Heading north on the beach, we saw a pod of dolphins (about 6) feeding/playing. They were jumping out of the water, and we were about 50 meters away. They were swimming in our general direction right up until a couple on a jetski flew by. "Did you see the dolphins?!" they asked as they scared them off. Yes, we were watching them until YOU GUYS SCARED THEM OFF. Blah. We also paddled over to the kelp beds, which were cool, and saw some schools of fish jumping about. Fun stuff. I got completely dumped into the ocean as I came back in, though, losing my sunglasses in the process.