Shortlog - a log of everyday things



I've completed the first quick-hack implementation of shortlog, my super-low-time-investment blogging engine. It uses mod-python and a folder of text files. Fancy features like HTML entity replacement, auto-hyperlinking, and in fact, anything other than paragraphs of text will be yet to come.

The primary purposes of this exercise are twofold. First, I wanted to make myself get more comfortable with actually putting ideas into code, rather than overthinking them and never getting around to implementing them. Second, as my life circumstances are changing, I've decided that it might be worthwhile to write a blog. Since previous blog attempts have failed, due to my lack of keeping up with them, I wanted something really low-barrier-to-writing. I figured something where I'd just write text files in Vim would be appealing, since I'm almost always ssh'd into this server. We'll see how successful this attempt turns out.

Since everyone has been ranting and raving about Inception, Nicole and I went to see it.