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My laptop (phoenix) now has a defunct graphics card, or at least that's my diagnosis. It powers on and boots, and the backlight works, but there's no video, neither on the internal monitor nor the external VGA or DVI (on docking station) ports. Ordinarily, this would be a major downer, but since I'm not exactly using phoenix at the moment, and my Dell Complete Care expires in less than a month, I'd consider this to be a well-timed failure. Dell Support was great, and the man I talked to ("Michael") was very helpful and recognized that I had already adequately diagnosed the issue, so we didn't go through the "do-exactly-as-I-say" flowchart, which was particularly awesome. Somehow I was in a very pleasant mood when I hung up the phone, which is an impressive feat for a support agent. Job well done, Dell.

Chisanbop is interesting.

Today is laundry day.